A Havkraft Wave Energy Converter, also known as the «H-WEC».

Frequency’s Digital Marketing Team supports Havkraft:

A partnership to reach the sustainable development goals

Frequency AS’ Digital Marketing Team loves the word “balance”. Personal balance. Environmental balance. Societal balance. Economic balance. – In our mind, progress is all about achieving balance. And balance means leaving no one behind! We work closely together with Havkraft AS to promote the world’s most important and sustainable solution, the Havkraft Wave Energy Converter, to contribute to balance and sustainability, says Frequency’s Art Director Trygve Johan Solheim.

Frequency’s owner is Geir Arne Solheim, and he is also the inventor, founder and CEO of the Norwegian technology company Havkraft AS. – Geir has been in the wave energy business for over 23 years, and he is not just in this game to make a product. He is in it to make a difference. The Digital Marketing Team in Frequency is therefore delighted to tell you about why our collaboration with Havkraft is so important to the pursuit of balance in our world community, says Art Director Trygve Johan Solheim.

In harmony with nature

Wave power is clearly a part of the solution to sustainability. However, the wave is a wild and brutal force that basically smashes everything that comes in its way. How can Havkraft possibly tame these forces?

To be able to produce electricity from this great and active force of nature, we need to have a machine that is a passive counterpoint which can create a balanced symbiosis between wave and machine. In other words: an active wave needs to be met by a passive converter. The wave energy converter is therefore designed to perfectly match the incoming wave in order to achieve maximum efficiency, explains Frequency’s owner and Havkraft’s inventor Geir Arne Solheim.

Something needs to be done quickly, and our Digital Marketing Team can on our hand contribute with our competence on design, marketing and digital solutions

Why does Frequency’s Digital Marketing Team work so closely with a green company such as Havkraft?

Well, It only takes a couple of minutes of the news to understand that we are – in so many ways – on the wrong track when it comes to sustainability. Frequency’s Digital Marketing Team feels the responsibility to act, says Art Director Trygve Johan Solheim, and he provides three specific examples on why we all need to act.

Firstly, we are destroying our planet’s precious biosphere. Our biodiversity is being corrupted by our over-exploitation of natural resources and the planet is boiling from enormous CO2-emissions. Imbalanced and not sustainable.

Secondly, we are not even close to a fair distribution of wealth amongst our world community. 50% of all wealth belongs to 1% of the world’s population and because of this 1 billion people live in constant hunger. Imbalanced and not sustainable.

Thirdly, the world economy is heavily based on a fossil fuel industry that excludes many regions from positive development on their own renewable energy sources. Imbalanced and not sustainable.

As you see, it wasn’t at all hard to find big trouble on our little planet. Something needs to be done quickly, and our Digital Marketing Team can on our hand contribute with our competence on design, marketing and digital solutions, Trygve Johan Solheim states.

Geir Arne Solheim (Havkraft) out in the field with a Havkraft Wave Energy Converter.

A sustainable future can be reached

The Frequency Digital Marketing Team is optimistic and believes that mankind can change things for the better if we work together across businesses and competences.

The United Nations have managed to agree upon 17 Sustainable Development Goals which we all should use as an inspiration to change the many imbalances in the world, explains Frequency’s Trygve Johan Solheim.

The goals are divided into three major parts. Some of the goals aim to preserve the biosphere, some target societal challenges and some focus on economic challenges. Perhaps the most important goal is the “partnership to reach the goals”.

Wave power is one of the greatest energy sources on the planet, with the potential to cover more than five times our current total energy consumption. Together we can reach the goals by scaling wave power in a balanced, environmentally friendly, inclusive and economically viable way, says inventor Geir Arne Solheim.

Working together with nature

Interesting! But to make a positive impact, the machine must work over time. What is the basic principles of the Havkraft Wave Energy Converter, how does it work and how can it be scaled?

To be able to convert wave energy into electricity, the converter needs to be located at the ocean surface. This is where most energy is available. Inside the converter the waves are converted into efficient water-pistons. That’s why we call it a wave energy converter, Geir Arne Solheim explains.

This conversion means that the waves are captured in several chambers that make it possible to use them for power generation. There are several pistons working independently, all driven by different wave heights and wave lengths in the ocean. In other words – the converter picks up both small, medium and large waves in the same design. The patented oscillation-technique in the wave energy converter is further boosted by a patented point absorber wave energy converter.

The water-pistons produce pressurized air and vacuums that run the turbines on the top. These turbines always run in the same direction because of the guiding vanes. This means that the system will always be operational when there is motion in the ocean, says Havkraft’s inventor and Frequency’s owner Geir Arne Solheim.

A fully scalable solution

Let’s talk about scaling up, because that is the key to success for a green transition. How do Havkraft scale the solution in the market?

The Frequency Digital Marketing Team helps to spread the word so that the market knows about Havkraft’s unique solutions. Havkraft’s technology offers both small-scale solutions and large-scale solutions to meet any customer requirement, explains Trygve, and then passes the work to the inventor.

It all starts with small modules. Call it a part of “the secret” if you like. The small, simple, clean and efficient converter-units are smart, because their size makes them functional, affordable and accessible for all coastal regions. Instead of excluding regions like we do in today’s fossil fuel-driven economy, we can include regions based on local wave energy sources so that no one is left behind. In our opinion, this is the way to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number 7: “Affordable and Clean Energy”, says an idealistic Geir Arne Solheim.

The next phase of Havkraft’s scaling up process is to make power plants. The converters are in fact modules that can be placed in arrays to form bigger power generating systems where they work together to absorb a lot of energy from the ocean.

Step by step we can replace fossil fuels and start living in balance with our precious natural environment

An example of a complete power plant is the Powerpier, built in a concrete structure. The floating Powerpier is a robust solution with multi-purpose features that makes wave energy available, economically viable and not least durable, capable of generating clean energy for decades, explains Frequency’s Art Director Trygve Johan Solheim, head of the Frequency Digital Marketing Team.

Another brilliant concept is the OceanONE stand-alone powerplant.

The OceanONE powerplant combines an Oscillating Water Column (OWC) wave energy converter with a point absorber wave energy converter. A fully patented solution and perhaps the ultimate stand-alone wave power plant, Geir Arne Solheim says with excitement.

The final stage of scaling up is to create large wave energy parks.

If you install several powerplants in the same grid, entire cities and industrial areas can be powered by local and renewable wave energy resources. Step by step we can replace fossil fuels and start living in balance with our precious natural environment, Trygve Johan Solheim says, a man that has worked closely with Havkraft from Day 1.

Geir Arne Solheim (Havkraft and Frequency) and Trygve Johan Solheim (Frequency)

Frequency and Havkraft share the same vision

The Frequency Digital Marketing Team supports and promotes environmental technology such as Havkraft’s technology because that is a partnership towards reaching the sustainable development goals.

We wish to see balance in nature with wave power replacing fossil fuels. We wish to promote balance in society by supporting affordable technology to under-developed regions. We wish to support balance in the world economy by enabling all coastal regions to prosper with the help of their own free and renewable energy sources, says Trygve Johan Solheim.

Creating balance in the world means leaving no one behind.

Let’s support companies like Havkraft in every way we can, so that we secure a sustainable future for all. Frequency as a leading green marketing company is certainly ready to act, says Frequency’s Digital Marketing Team-leader Trygve Johan Solheim.

About Havkraft

Havkraft is tailoring solutions and developing multiple platforms to meet client demands for ocean energy all over the globe. The company is led by CEO Geir Arne Solheim who invented the Havkraft Wave Energy Converter (H-WEC) which powers all of Havkrafts wave power concepts, such as the OceanONE, Powerpier, and the Powerbarge.

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